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I've never been great at writing these things (and even worse at attempting to refer to myself in the third person). So instead of torturing you with a typical photographer's profile that would most likely start with, "At the tender young age of 15, Dianna always knew she was destined to be behind the lens of a camera...", here is a slightly more entertaining and far more informative version. Originally written for a class assignment with moderate updates to reflect my current self.

My name is Dianna. Which sounds like banana. I despise anything involving Hannah Montana. At the moment I’m jittery. Once again too much coffee. Which isn’t much helping with writing this “About Me”. But alas I will try. To give you who, what, and why. Delivered with care by Dr. Seussian rhyme. At first glance you'll see I'm of the Asian persuasion. Though I can't speak Korean and my last name's Norway-gian. I take photos by profession. Never been to confession. Does it bother you when people speak in the form of a question?! I tend to read magazines from the back to its cover. I’m a junk food enthusiast, a peanut butter lover. Horrible at speeches. Creeped out by leeches. if you dare to cross me, you’ll be hung by your breeches. I've lived west to east all across this great Mitten. Landed in the D, got a job, and an overweight kitten.  I’ve an odd sense of humor. A stiletto consumer. Don’t believe all the hearsay, I swear it’s a rumor! I'm an old soul at heart, though cleverly disguised. Not short or petite when in fact I'm fun-sized. An owl of the night. Never been in a gang fight. Those who think black and white can go fly a kite. All right, I’ll admit, that was a little bit trite. I’m tired of rhyming as you’ll agree, right? Quite. Well then, nighty nite.